• Hello,this is Bowser50732/Nintendocp12, Sky Warrior/Swimmy and Wwebestfan your leaders, and we welcome you to the Taco's offical website! In here we make you a true soilder and defend Club Penguin. We are a major Club Penguin group and hold the place of the 8th Largest Army in Club Penguin. If your new and want to get started, please Click Here. We are the Tacos, and we will eat you, till your finished.

    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Our Meeting & Training This Saturday!

Hello Tacos!

As you have remember, we had a meeting last Saturday and there was alot of tacos. That is good because if there was no one there that had too will start getting low ranking and tacos who are attending will get bigger rating! We will be opening 2 new pages were all the ranking are and another page that updates every Friday who got accepted.

Here is some pictures during our meeting:

This is were we had about 25 tacos online, i was impressed. But the problem was that i said to sit on rows when i arrived and not to gather around, but that was the first thing you did. That will also be on your ranking!

Untitled 2

Right here there was also the same number of tacos. We had also spotted a spy which were the “Roman Fire Warrior” IF ANYONE PLAYS AROUND AND THINK IT FUNNY TO BE IN A DIFFERENT ARMY, WILL BE EXPELLED~!

Untitled 1

In this picture we were still chasing some intruders and spy’s. We attack them pretty good. Good job tacos.


In other news, we will be training with ACP (Army of Club Penguin) this Saturday because during the meeting I had said to do a circle and it was just terrible but our lines were pretty good.

Here is the date for training with ACP:


When: Saturday (May 30th,2009)

Time: 11:00am PST

Server: Sleet

Room: Dock


Tacos! We have to try our best to make a circle! ACP does a perfect circle under 3 minutes! Take a look at them doing a circle:


That how a circle should look! Next time try doing like that and tacos who i see just gathering to Sonicboom125 will get low rankings! See you at the training practice at Saturday!


Tacos of Club Penguin Meeting & War!

Hello Tacos!

Here is the banner on the day we have the meeting, all penguins must be wearing the uniform policy! Also, don’t gather when i come! Please sit in a row of 7 people! I repeat! A row of 7 people! Here it is:

taco meeting

And in other news, we got a war coming up with RFW! (Roman Fire Warriors) We will battle them soon and defeat them all! We will get you more information about the war between us, are very first war. Let make this war good and let destroy them!


Let make Tacos of Club Penguin Army the best in Club Penguin!

Here is how to sit during the meeting. The red circle indicate how you should sit, when i said to sit in lines of 7 is when we have space but snow forts kinda crowed, and the captain (Sonicboom125) will be sitting right below the time tower, no one else can sit there or will get a low rating or kicked out of the tacos:

(It will be more packed for sure, so kinda crowd in there)


Tacos Of Club Penguin Acceptions!

Hello Tacos of Club Penguin,

We have been chosing people who sign up to be a taco for Club Penugin and we are chosing only one’s that are worthy and great penguins to be in our army.

Here are the penguins name who got accepted:

  • Timepasser1
  • Red Turtle 35
  • Tuyo1
  • 67tp
  • Haywood 12
  • Akatsuki 879
  • Louy500
  • Icce 2222
  • Freeze Bird7
  • Popinloopy
  • Waddles13773
  • Chi3f362
  • Filly126
  • Nick54822
  • Majd8
  • Shuffleking4
  • Penguin71833117
  • Thepenguinkl
  • Wiglaf9
  • Purplegummy
  • Ellenflower
  • Peterpee
  • Faniis123
  • Ae24
  • Big Boy 05
  • 8jaja
  • Slushee76543
  • Penguin58916399
  • Vulavour
  • Dbird99
  • Nitregwin
  • Tito556
  • Katydidkoeck
  • Mushyspark
  • Jonnyrox
  • Webaddict
  • Chilly Tina
  • Noyobro
  • Jtq360
  • Bratz151515
  • 01icepenguin
  • Hat Man 687
  • Coolkaitlyn1
  • Mnm1234
  • Rudymikey
  • Cuttra
  • Chip Chipper
  • Arif18
  • Bladerox
  • Seandana7
  • Glitch97531
  • Cheesehead123
  • Crazyredpie
  • Loganlog14
  • Daffyduck244
  • Osimal1
  • Goth Guy84
  • Comet1298
  • Mr Bean 2009
  • Miracle767
  • Rico 09
  • Mandy1968
  • Indiana45733
  • Nathan33440
  • Jetsfan Brad
  • Big Eye i
  • Megan12345m
  • Darkeye32
  • Cubsbears99
  • M00mo
  • Felix39723
  • Annq5001
  • Loppi

These are all the people who got excepted and will be put on a page, don’t worry, we are still accepting more but just take our quiz in our page “Become A Tacos of Club Penguin”

Anyone who got accepted need to leave there email on this post and needed by May 20, 2009 or they will be removed from our list.

Any penguin that miss more than 2 meeting or wars will be expelled from our army and your name will be removed from are Tacos of Club Penguin List.

Please we ask that when seeing you captain or co-captain, do not gather around him! Sit in straight rows and do not chase us around, only if we ask you.

If you have any question, comment on our page “Questions” Thank-You all~!