Tacos of Club Penguin Meeting & War!

Hello Tacos!

Here is the banner on the day we have the meeting, all penguins must be wearing the uniform policy! Also, don’t gather when i come! Please sit in a row of 7 people! I repeat! A row of 7 people! Here it is:

taco meeting

And in other news, we got a war coming up with RFW! (Roman Fire Warriors) We will battle them soon and defeat them all! We will get you more information about the war between us, are very first war. Let make this war good and let destroy them!


Let make Tacos of Club Penguin Army the best in Club Penguin!

Here is how to sit during the meeting. The red circle indicate how you should sit, when i said to sit in lines of 7 is when we have space but snow forts kinda crowed, and the captain (Sonicboom125) will be sitting right below the time tower, no one else can sit there or will get a low rating or kicked out of the tacos:

(It will be more packed for sure, so kinda crowd in there)



5 Responses

  1. I want to join. But the quiz won’t click.
    How about putting the quiz on the page without having to click it?

    CP Username: Redrarehound

    Here’s my army experience:
    ACP- Major
    Nachos- Officer
    United Army Force- Sargent
    Equiped Penguin Warriors (OLD)- Head General
    Freedom Warriors- Co-Leader
    Nick’s Army {Tenative Name} Leader

    That’s my army experience.
    ~Houndy66 {Redrarehound}

  2. the server is full

  3. sorry i didnt make it to meeting but i made it to war we owned him lol

  4. it was 2 agains a whole bunch they should of surrender lol

  5. cool (rcp mod)

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