Tacos Have War With Noobs!

Hello Penguins!

We are having war with some army that has only 3 people in it, i don’t know why am even posting this war BUT THERE CALLING US FAKE. WE ARE NOT FAKES, WE MADE THE TACOS AND THAT PERIOD. If you ever think we are fake we will demosih you to pieces just like we are going to do to this so called “Burrito Warriors” Here is the date

(Tardy or not being there will affect ur rating) (Rating Page Coming Soon)


This war started because the noob army called the “Burrito Warriors” Called us fake and am sick of that, so if they want to look bad then it on. Be there soilders, if your attending please comment. Thank You Tacos.


12 Responses

  1. i go to daycare tomorrow!=(

  2. i will be there but i am rocky7788 and i u have not accpeted me but i will still be there

  3. i will be there and i am rocky7788.You have not accpected me for the army but i will still be there sorry about the post above.I typed wrong promise to do all the rules and can u make me part of the army?

  4. do u mean june 12?
    june 12th is friday

  5. I will be there riffy but i bet you it will only last about 2 mins lol

  6. it lasted abotu 30 min cause they kept coming back then finally we won.since itt was only me sonicboom and purplegummy there sonicboom added me!

  7. I was not allowed on because it was 11 oclock at night

  8. In britain

  9. Sorry. i missed both wars. i will try to make it to the next one. one agian, sorry!

  10. omg riffy i got the worst army news ever!
    i was searching our army on google and this is what i found
    they started before us we need to change our names 😦

  11. Where do you get the outfits?!
    I don’t have one =[

  12. Missed it sorry 😦 (rcp mod) locall

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