Co-Leader Adding Taco Members!

Hello Tacos!

Sonicboom125 will be adding ever Taco member we have to keep track of every soilder and so that any soilder who get lost will be located. WHO EVER DOES NOT ATTEND WILL BE EXPELLED! Because if  I don’t have you in Sonic’s list that kinda means your not a Taco. Here is the banner! It really important!


It really important, if your not a Taco member just come to the meeting and be there, and any other member of the Tacos just be there, WEAR YOUR UNIFORM TO SEE WHO TO ADD.  Go to our chat too in case you have questions.

But now that the Series 3 Treasure book has our uniform, try your best to unlock our uniform.


7 Responses

  1. Sorry. i checked the page to late! please dont expell me from the Tacos!

  2. can we please know the new taco leader arly plzzzzz

  3. I can’t come at that time. It’s during school.

  4. can i be a taco but i dont have the stuff

  5. I dont have the outfit and i dont know how to take the taco test!

  6. I am in a different time zone I try so hard to come but The meetings and wars are about 1:00am here.and school’s back in my country!

  7. Missed it! dang! (rcp mod) Locall

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