Meeting Was A Success!

Hello Tacos!

Our Meeting was a huge success! We meet up at Sleet at Snow Forts and me (Sonicboom125) added every fellow taco member, and it was just went out smooth. We just didn’t add and leave, we also train for a while and ran around telling penguin to join us, check out the pictures:

Tacos At Snow Forts

We still need some training on that circle, but went out really smooth and set a record of 22 seconds on making a circle. Impersive Tacos 😀


Then we form a line, we need some work on that tacos. 0_0


Then the tacos joke around a little saying, “Toot For Tacos” It was sure noisy.


Then this was the best part! The “Woot” Attack. We did on some noobs called “Yellow Defenders” they soo lost.

Well the meeting was really a huge success. I know there was some trouble for some Tacos because school interrupted the meeting, and if that the reason you are not expelled. I understand. But if you didn’t get added and are a Taco member, try going to our chat and try to add me as soon as of June 25th, 2009.

Anyone who wasn’t a taco member and added Sonicboom125 is now a Taco member. 😀 We will be having war soon with some imposters of the Tacos. 80 And Thanks for anyone attending the meeting.


7 Responses

  1. I am in the Army now anyway i am minidude343 and i am exited P.S do we get ratings soon

  2. omg you forgot the guys known as the limes lol

  3. i couldn’t come cause of school. So I’m not expelled? yay!

  4. the bad thing about meetings is that these fake armies always form but they forget the next day. they dont understand that we are real

    • Hey buddie we are real! the yellow defenders are real! we are a large army but at the time we only had a minimum ammount of members! we didn’t mean to attack them we thought they were nachos! and you know what buddie! we have a website website at wordpress check it out you noob!

  5. Guys im in the army
    Please add me.

  6. Cewl! (rcp mod) Locall

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