Hello Tacos!

There another army called the “Tacos” Too -_- and I feel that pretty stupid because I contact them and they said they called off that site for 6 months until they saw us, they started the site back on -_-

Just to give you a backup, we might have war and claim tacos to be ours. We going to have alot to do in this post. I  believe we have alot more solider then the other noobs who call them self tacos. Keep getting in touch because were posting about every day know.

If your active and member of tacos please comment and say your active. Thank-You.


13 Responses

  1. Active

  2. lol i found out about them

  3. hey riffy i heard your army and i wanted to join but i didnt have an account then can i join now?

  4. Thanks Tacos for responding if your active.

  5. your welcome


  7. I know one of the people in the other tacos.I said you were the original tacos.

  8. I am active and READY FOR ANY BATTLE

    from minidude343


  10. active

  11. Hey Riffy? The poster for Tacos Get Servers…… um yeah. That doesn’t look like us very much??? Did the imposters post it on your account???? Hmmm…….. so many questions, so little time.

  12. ACTIVE and ready for war

    Just give me a hint and i will kill them all ! Sir!!


  13. Imposters that sucks but this place deserves to be the real tacos! (rcp mod ) locall

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