TACOS Getting Servers!

Hello Tacos!

It time for us to go to our first step and start having some servers for us to have. We are going to have plenty of sever to get so here is the banner, so remember to attend there Tacos:

My banner are getting better for sure, am on the learning process xD But we are attending Tuxedo First At 11:00AM PST First! Then i will announce to move to the server “Vanilla” Yes, this meeting is going to take about an hour but we are going to train too. Be sure to attend.


14 Responses

  1. Riffy, Have you made your mind about The “Advisor” position. I think I need to be your adviser.
    Those two are owned by RPF. Who are pretty much dying… You could invade Ascent, unowned.

  2. hey riffy just to tell you you forgot to put were the war is going to be ok
    PS:you rock 🙂

  3. omg i didnt know there was a meeting i missed it

  4. me too

  5. i didnt know bout it

  6. I missed it

  7. I missed it………. but that doesn’t look like our uniform……….. am I the only one who noticed?????

  8. hey!
    cool site.
    please go to cowtail5sarmy.com
    There is lots of glitches and cheats for cp there!

  9. ummm, Riffy. i’m leaving on vacation today and wont be able to attend the meeting. i’ll be back on the 5th but dont know what time. sorry. i hope you understand.

    P.S. the vacation is with my family. please read.

  10. I thought your suppose to be updating your web every day lol


  12. i missed it .i didnt know until now.

  13. tayler dont be mean to riffy he will update hes blog when he wants !!!

  14. Hey cool!(rcp mod)

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