Your new Advisor Houndy66!

Hello guys. I am your new advisor for Tacos.

What my job is to advise Riffy and help the armies decisions.

My experience is that I’m a Brigaider General in ACP (One rank from Mod) I also am a 2ic in another army (2nd in Command).

So watch out other medium armies (Tacos are actually a medium army due to the amount of soldiers in the army) we’ll be coming.

My Goals

  1. Actually make a “Rank” system
  2. Set up meetings
  3. Have Chat rallies

That’s it for now.

~Houndeh, ACP Brigaider General, FW 2ic, and Tacos Adisor


4 Responses

  1. Cool

  2. WOW thats amazing i am getting ranked

  3. uh man i wanna have a taco meeting but im not a member i wanna be orange well im go to the meeting if i can my name is knightxlord and u can contack me at

  4. hey cewl! Thats awesome! (rcp mod)

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