Tacos Meeting and Training Starting Soon!

Houndy’s Edit: Tacos, even if our allies are big it doesn’t mean they will help us. Tacos, we are big in size, but in the Tactics catagory we aren’t the best. You MUST Get the tactics. Size<Tactics. We must learn the basics first.

Hello Tacos!

As you seen last post, we could do as many training and meeting we can due to Sensei appearing in Club Penguin. But as of this whole month is going to get serious with a bunch of new things going on. We are also working on the Rankings, which are going to take a while. We are still deciding on your ranking, tacos 😉

Also any new taco or taco not added on the list are now added to the list, well post the list pretty soon this week to see who missing, and to get everything arranged.

In other news too, we have made are 2 ally, which are the IW (Ice Warriors)! This is pretty great. Will be posting ACP and IW widgets on our site. Well we made IW widget -_-. But get ready tacos, because this is going to get good.

PS: Riffy8888 *Me* is going to start attending war, invasion, meeting, and training session with our co-leader Sonicboom125 😀

Taco Leader: Riffy8888
Co-Leader: Sonicboom125


9 Responses

  1. o cool! we have 2 allies that means we are gonna be super strong!

  2. our two allies are really big armies!

  3. our 2 armies are humungus

  4. Houdey you made me so so confident

  5. make that 3 allies. remember? on Xat, i asked if we could become allies. remember now? popinloopy’s rocking army? sound familiar? bye.

  6. Houndy should we show them our tactics video?

  7. when u updating the site riffy

  8. i cant go in beanie, its full

  9. cool (rcpmod)

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