Meeting Was A Success!

Hello Tacos!

The Meeting tis Satuday was a hugge success with over 20 Tacos online! Take out the pictures we took during Training Session.

Here is a 8.5/10 Line we made on Snow Forts. Pretty Good, it was made under 30 seconds:

Tacos - Snow Forts

Then we did are secret weapon “Woot” Check it out, pretty good 9/10

Tacos - Snow Forts - Woot

Then we march to Town going are secret weapon again.

Tacos - Town - Woot

Then we hit the dock and made a parrall line. It was a 7/10

Tacos - Dock

Then we made are own little assembly in Sonic Igloo, Circle 6/10 (we need to work on that)

Taco - Igloo

The Meeting Was a great success but here are things that were good and bad:

Success During Meetings

  • Showing Up
  • Uniform
  • Lines
  • Staying As A Group

Need Some Help On:

  • Circles
  • Getting Quite

Fails During The Meeting:

  • Special Guest Arrival

Yes, The special guest arrival was a big fail, we were in a middle of a circle until “Riffy8888” leader came an we just all charge to him. Ne Bxt time am bringing more famous penguni to meeting for test so keep for a look out.

But I also wanted to say about our new ally, the Ice Warriors (IW) And here is the banner we made for there site, check it out, there site is

(Uploading Banner, Please Wait) The banner will be on our side widgets. 😉

But overall the meeting was great, and thanks to any Taco who attend the Meeting, will be having more soon.


4 Responses

  1. cool but im not a member wait you knew our passwords or no you didn’t and thats not fair but i liked it

  2. i coudlnt make it i was in san diego all day

  3. i finally made it to an event, whether its a practice, meeting, or a war (it was a meeting though. Duh!) i finally made it! WOOT!

  4. Ooh Aah (rcpmod)

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