Hello Tacos! We are having a meeting tomorrow!

Date: Saturday

When: 10:00 PST

Where: Beanie, Snow Forts

Comment if you can make it


19 Responses

  1. cant make it got to go to a wedding sorry tacos

  2. i might be able is that Saturday

  3. i can make it!!!!

  4. I can make it.see u there tacos.

  5. COOL im gonna be there

  6. Is it 10.00 am or pm cause i dont know

  7. I can make it. Thats 1:00 my time. My moms away waaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. ill make it i am minidude343

  9. Yup ill be there my user is Billy Mojo 2 so look for it! Are you going to be adding? Is riffy and purple and hounder gonna be there and sonic? Ill try my best to make it!

  10. I will be there at the nick of time.

  11. Ugh my club penguin is just so slow it says loading…..billy mojo 2 I cant even pick a server i might not make it waaaaaaa

  12. i just checked now and i can make it phewf

  13. i will make riffey by the wayi am on yor army list as toan ho bt then cp changed my cp name now its penguin86105123

  14. Beanie is full

  15. sry riffey i cant make it i am so sry. the server is full

  16. its too full

  17. that was the best meeting ever with you sonic and you too riffy.

  18. i wanna join the tocos but its not letting any more people join

  19. I cant i passed it again (sigh) (rcpmod)

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