Huge War Coming!

Hello Tacos!

Me (Riffy8888) and our fellow Leader of the IW (Iceyfeet1234) are planning to have a very long  war with all this other army on Club Penguin and were trying to spread the word out to every army! This war going to be huge, with over 150 penguin online! This war is going to be 3 days long nonstop, you can log off and log back in during this 3 day lasting war, here are the days of this 3 day long war, it going to be huge!


When: July 21th, 22th, 23rd!

Server: Outback

Room: (Main Start) Snow Forts


Be there, it going to be huge, fun, packed, and much more! If your a Taco, we are change our color purple during this war because there going to be be a huge confusion with the nachos during this war, thanks and this is what it should look like:

Taco Uniform - Purple 

 So make sure your purple during this so we won’t get confused, thanks alot and see you there! 😉


5 Responses

  1. Just to let you know, in order for the Nacho feed to work, you need to put ” ‘ instead of ”

  2. Hey! Want to be allies? My army is and I just started it. Maybe we could fight together…?
    Comment back on my site what you want!

  3. Im just asking, why is it on one of CCPA’s servers? It will be mass khaos there 😦

  4. Riffy Riffy Riffy!!!! I found ACP’s plan to block us off from half of cp! GO THERE IT HAS THE PLAN.

  5. Oh Freeze Bird? I went undercover. I asked if ACP if Tacos were enemies and they said yes. I have multiple disguises for not being recognized. 🙂

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