Warlus Invading, Time to Attack!

Hello Tacos!

As you heard my now, most of you, that a group of penguin called the “Walrus” are invading servers and hacking penguins and servers. The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin are going to war with the Walrus.IW said if they strike them they will have war, which they did and IW contact us in case of anything going bad we got there backup. We are helping our allies if they have trouble with this noobs hacker called the “Walrus”

Sub Zero was attack by the hacker not that much ago. So we are helping our allies on these server incase of invading this severs: Sub Zero, Husky, and Deep Freeze. Here a couple of word Icey said:

  1. Whenever possible, patrol Sub Zero, Husky, and Deep Freeze.
  2. When allies need help you must help them at all times (if, of course, we are not defending our servers at the time).
  3. We ask/encourage all allies/armies to help us rid the U.S.I.W. and the Nacho Empire of these weak-minded fools, and assist us when in need.

Guys, this will be the toughest war we ever fought. We are fighting a team of unstoppable hackers, that want to bring an end to us. We will not let this happen. To war!

We are also planning to help out the Nachos too incase they also get invaded, which they have been the most who have been invaded, until further notice, i will get you more information, and visit our chat to get contact www.xat.com/tacosofcp



7 Responses


  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    get help by the future teller (me)
    (hackers invading cp anyways)

  3. Walrus is so evil

  4. I will patrol husky for u guys

  5. i will kill them

  6. Taco leaders!
    I am now having another account when there is a risk of being banned
    It is:
    Yo Im Mo
    It is a nonmember account thats black 500 coins none of them willl be spent its only for undercover missions
    And even tho milly mojo 2 is not gonna be a member i still have the stuff!

  7. They are eveil we havev to evacuate Club Penguin! Come on with a seprate penguin backups! ONLY USE YOUR PENGUIN DURING ARMY MEETINGS!!!!
    Riffy will you answer

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