Ranking Updates Coming Soon!

Hello Tacos!

Well the ranks were finish like a month ago and it’s time to get ranked up or down. So make sure you get your face on the game xD I will get you more update about this ranks soon or later and will have a another meeting soon again. I will get you on that later, but we are talking to FW about becoming allies but we are still working on that, and make sure you active by commenting right now, it might help you rankings. 😉


8 Responses

  1. Thepenguinkl lieutenant general,

  2. am active.and can we help nachos beat monsters plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. i love being a taco! we rock! fire warriors are stubborn arent they? 😉

  4. I came to most of the meetings but i never got a rank. -_-” ;[ My name is Mcrfan78065

  5. And I am in the Tacos too.

  6. cool! ive been waiting like forever!!!! cuz i hope i get to become a head colenel or higher duke4324

  7. wats the pass to tatics page rify?

  8. Loganlog14 colonel active

    Riffy i know i missed some meetings but i was at a surf camp and couldnt im sorry, i tried

    Loganlog14, Colonel

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