Practice Battle Was A Sucess!

Hello Tacos!

The practice battle was great, but was more outstanding today because while we were doing our practice battle, the Ice Warriors join us unexpectedly! They were a great help on our practice battle. Take a look at some of the pictures some tacos took:

Practice Battle (Friday 31st)

Practice Battle (Saturday)

That practice battle of Saturday was absolutely great! We trained really great! Well ranking are getting fixed up today, and we will show who got promoted or not tonight. So make sure you visit here tonight to check for your ranking. Were you there comment! Also, thanks for the first 2 pictures the Tacos took for me. 🙂



8 Responses

  1. cool but that bad thing is i dont se me in half of the pics 😦

  2. war was awesome but we lost lol

  3. I could not make it i was there but we had to unpack from vacation sorry. 😦 plz add me as a author here

  4. justin i see u in 3 pics
    the practices where so awsome!


  5. can u add me as author plz

  6. i was ther

  7. i was ther i say taco

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