Promotion Day!

Hello Tacos!

Well today promotion day and here is the key if you got promoted or demoted.

Promotion Day Key:

Red: Demoted

Green: Promoted

Leader: Riffy8888

Co-Leader: Sonicboom125

2nd in Command: Houndy66


3rd In Command: Red Turtle 35, Thepenguinkl

Lieutenant General: Gizz90, Freeze Bird7

Head General: Loppi, Fobgirl101

Major General: 01icepenguin, Artix66165, Justin1901,


Head Colonel:

Akatsuki 879, Bladerox,
Cowtail5, Duke4324, Drago768, Loganlog14, Smart Kassab


Cool Rider88, Dingting10, Dbird99, Haywood 12, Louy500, Infernape12, Poppinlooin, Rollingflames


12 colton 12, Bmxmaster619, Chi3f362, Chilly Tina, Comet1298, Coolkaitlyn1, Cool Rider88, Coolguy12348, Darth Rick 1, Dbird99, Ellenflower, Ezechiel10, Extremeskis, Mrkittles


Allycatsmith, Annq5001, Aravinth,
Boonkeyz, Bowser50732, Faniis123, Felipe344, Felix39723, Bob6427, Bratz151515, Glitch97531, Godlovr, Goth Guy84, Hurly213, Hqsnake, Icce 2222, Icecat964, Mushyspark, Nick54822, Waddles13773, Waddle23667


0934lio, 6cyclemind, 67tp, Ace Rimmer, Ae24, Alexandra855, Allycatsmith, Bmxmaster619, Bob6427, Bratz151515
Cheesehead123, Chero5535, Denyor95, Elephan45, Eleplant66, Jackball500, James Plond, Jetsfan Brad, Jjjellyjam, Nathan33440, Neer The End, Pighorsecow, Pandapoo1416, Snoopy1201

Warrant Officer:

8tinkerpink, 87as6, 9jpwd9, 2 colton 12, 67tp, Annq5001, Baily809, Benbuhey06, Big Boy 05, Big Eye i, Big Jim 360, Clear5667, Cutter5664, Felipe344, Felix39723, Filly126, Flip313, Gypup, Glip565443, Hariex, Kiteholder54, Manhiker544, Negitively65, Qukki, Snowy21399, Ssjadman, Stuffy Man 3, Supak4, Teelslacker, Tigyee, Timepasser1, Tito556, Toan Ho, Tuyo1, VjRed,Vennginer43, Xyk8, Xraidder54, Yoomute667, Zembern77


111amy11, 20 40 matt, 67tp,8jaja, Aravinth, Arif18, Astronaut343, Bactec08, Bammergrea, Bob6427, Chip Chipper, Chimichunga9, Clyde144, Cocoputt, Comet1298, Comerter, Cornpopper2, Crazyredpie, Cubsbears99, Cute Boy731, Cuttra, Daffyduck244, Darkeye32, Ezechiel10, Extremeskis, Hat Man 687, Hris207, Horakhty, Hulkbuster20, Hurly213, Hqsnake, Legoman RobLin, Imiss Ateneo, James Plond, Johnny23524, Jonnyrox, Jrocks67, Jtq360, Justin1901
Katydidkoeck, Keseyrb4, Koolkid1513, Kristian6194, Kwek4, Majd8, Mandy1968, Maria6261, Marzhan6, Megan12345m, Mickey5120
Miracle767, Millionmanic, Mnm1234, M00moSk8t Border 2, Rockstar36, Slushee76543


0foobball01, Attack556, Anbishes433, Adogg77, Bensteller55, Ben554 , Catgraver885, Cannot66, Ellencool332, Kennmaker5932, Making69324, Moe0852, Moyni Guy, Mudy491, Muffingal400, Mr Bean 2009, Nathan33440, None123, Noyobro, Oche Cinco88, Orange, Osimal1, , Peanut6907, Penguin58916399, Penguin71833117, Pengy5401, Penner9, Peg12356, Popularboy6, Poulihead, Rachel50215, Raymond58432, Ricardocov, Rico 09, Rocky7788, Ryman711, Ryu Penguin 1, Samunaske, Sasuke1230, Seandana7, Shuffleking4, Sith0085, Sk8t, Skaterlove78, Slushee76543, Supak4, Snowy21399, Ssjadman , Vulavour, Webaddict, Wille29, Zukowksi

We hope your glad with your ranking guys, if you got promoted it, keep up the good work! People who got demoted, you should attend meeting and other stuff more often, remember! The more your active the easy your rank goes up! If your not on the ranking please comment! Congrats to all, well some >.<


14 Responses

  1. on 3rd in command isnt owner line? it just like same rank i got last time XP

  2. on is suppose to be awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. hi riffy i was surfing google looking for armies and i found a army wants war with an im gonna ask u u want to have war with them? heres the link

  4. i am not on. i am minidude343 i am a fan of u an i attended every meeting and practice so put me up high please

  5. i can find me riff wat position am i??

  6. Cool! I did not get either. 😦

  7. yay i got promoted

    ~thepenguinkl (tacos 3rd in command)

  8. hello im on ur ranking list but not on this so did i get demoted out of the army

  9. oh just found out im a marshall sorry

  10. Ok well this penguinkl guy is he like ur freind in life cuz u give him alot of stuff hes third in command hes featured and hes calling himself a RCP moderator. U didnt even put me on the rankings and ive been at all the meetings!

  11. wow thanks riffy! i went from a private to a captain! TACOS RULE!

  12. Yo riffy im billy mojo 2 i should be on there at least not to b bossy please but can i b on tehre ive been at all the meetings and wars! ill be at the invasion and prove it!

  13. riffy can u plz give me anouther chanse-01icepenguin

  14. im coming to the practice today kk?

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