Chat Meeting Success & New Medal System!

Hello Tacos!

Well the Taco Chat Meeting was a success, not as many Tacos as we planned, but we got an overall of 22 penguin online. Check it out:Chat Numbers

Yep, we pass most of the major armies, we might have war with some of the medium armies to get are throne of being the 5th Biggest army or higher. But that till later.

And We are now opening a new “Medal System” page, you can see how it all works. It pretty awesome, many penguins who attend this chat meeting just got 3 medals. And many of the penguins got 20 for answering a question I asked. So you can go check it out at the new page “Medals” Thanks for all the Tacos who attended to the meeting.


6 Responses

  1. sry i couldnt come i had to go to pool dumb mom dont demote m

  2. Nice!! And Fisrt Comment! I hope i get on rankings! I was there!

  3. UGH I CANT REMEMBER THE PASSWORD! someone please meet me on the chat and tell me!

  4. 😦 I missed the meeting I had to go somewhere today 😦

  5. i went to the meeting!!! I think….

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