Practice Battle with IW!

Hello Tacos!

We hare having a practice battle with the IW this monday, here are the dates this event is going to occur:

When: Monday 17th, 2009

Server: Cold Front

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 4:00pm PST

If you be able to come to this event comment if your making it! Anyone who comes with receive 2 medals! The medal system page is almost finish, we thank-you for your patients. See you at the Practice Battle with IW. 😀


11 Responses

  1. doss pcp mod tayler plus i not on ranks yet i am minidude343 remeber put me high i been in a lot of armys

  2. ok kool dude
    01icepenguin ill be there

  3. tayler please wait riffy is not a bot he needs time … Lol (RCPmod)

  4. i’ll try to make it


  5. might make it soccer

  6. I Probally gonna make it

  7. can i join tacos but i don’t have all the clothes but i am a member

  8. i was there for a few mins, had to go, srry 😦

  9. Argh! I couldnt make it! Srry riffy ill try my BEST tho

  10. I’m part of the IW!

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