Invading Flippers!

Hello Tacos!

We are invading Flippers this Tuesday. All of you got to attend this invasion. Here is the date for the invasion of Flippers:

When: Tuesday 18th (Aug. 18th, 2009)

Server: Flippers

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 2:00pm PST

The medal page is had it’s Grand Opening today,so go check it out today, but anyone who attends get 3 medals! Remember to be on our chat 30 minutes before this invasion.

See you at the invasion.



4 Responses

  1. I’ll Try my Best to make it

  2. will be there ill makeupformy absense of PB for staying early training

  3. Might make it late but idk i have denist.
    Oh and i p ut u on my AIM list so Come on AIM later! Is that Aol right? Or windows live?
    Billy Mojo 2 (RCP mod)

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