Flippers Invasion a Success!

Hello Tacos!

Well this ivasion was a great success since the WW didn’t show up for notihng. Here are the pictures of the invasion we did earlier this day.

We all started at the Snow Forts, and I was really impress, over 35 Tacos online O.o

The we went to Town, which was a great recruiting place. We perform the “Game Face” tactics.

Then we perform a Standard Spam all over the Ice Berg! But before that, we got a great picture for our join page. 😀

Then since the WW didn’t come, we Spam the town saying “Waffles Fail”

This was an great invasion! We had over 35 Tacos online! ANd over 30 more joining right now! Amazing RIGHT! Well let have a welcome to our new server. Flippers! Welcome! Anyone who attended got 3 medals.



8 Responses

  1. cool! i have 3 medals now!!

  2. guess the ww was to scared of us tacos XD 😀 are invasion was an success! 😛

  3. Kool

  4. Listen I am sorry I didnt show up but wat do I do since I dont have the clothes? plz email me wat to do.

  5. do i get a medal for being in the war? The tacos are the BEST army ever! We rocked

  6. we Won!!!! LoL (rcpmod)

  7. i have 3 medals!! That battle rocked! YOU rock Riffy!

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