Postponing/A Server to Protect

Hello Tacos!

Please ignore the Watex Warriors right now. We have a conflict of our own.

Reaper has found out the Marines of Club Penguin plan to Take BEANIE.  Our Capital server. We will defend it on:

When: Saturday August 22, 2009


  • 12:00PM (PST)
  • 1:00PM (MST)
  • 2:00PM (CST)
  • 3:00PM (EST}
  • 8:00PM (UK)

This is mandatory for All Tacos unless you must go somewhere important.



20 Responses

  1. I will be there no chance are tehy taken Beanie also becuse thats my isters nickname if we keep it i can rub it in her face

  2. get some allies they got 2 armies to help them already ._.

  3. I’ll try my best to come

  4. Hey Tacos. Its your enemy speaking. You have 5 enemy armies attacking the server beanie.
    Houndy: Hello Noob. This is your enemy speaking. We have 40-5o people come to a battle. Anything else?

  5. im new on the taco army i promise to be there

  6. i do not have the uniform so i will wear some thing related

  7. nooneson they allare waiting for u rparty

  8. hey i was just wondering how you make animations

  9. Riffy and Sonicboom my brothers birthday is that day can no show

  10. johnyluke i got to tell you we got the ice warriors to help us and how big do u think they are -.-

  11. riffy and sonic iwent looking at army sites and the rebelpenguin fderation is invading all theses servers andthe thrid server they are invading is flippers there team1 the roman army isinvading there i dont know when check it out

  12. Let’s Have A PB after This, Team Gold Vs Tacos. It’ll Be Fun, Schedule it on ice bound and we’ll be there.

    P.S. Our site is

  13. Im at the war but the marines are not there

  14. they arentthere

  15. well those p’eople shouldnt read it! NOOBS 😛
    And srry i couldnt make it i hav guests
    Billy Mojo 2 (Rcp mod) still waiting for ranks!
    11 medals

  16. ROFLOL we just took over the server about 5 minutes ago ha ha LOL ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    Houndy: ROFL ROFL ROFL. You have no proof 😆

  17. ur army was late. u said the tacos never showed up. but the tacos did show up about over 20 of us. in time. we stayed there for an hour until we decided the the marines are probably not coming so we all left. TACOS STILL OWN BEANIE


  18. Lincoln sorry about ur lungs but we stil lown beanie

  19. How did you make your header its awesome!!!

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