Voting For A New Uniform!

Hello Tacos!

I know many of you, well since we start said that our uniform really looks alike the “Nachos” so since we had many people telling us that. I decided to do a voting for a new uniform. Her are your #3 options:

New Uniform: #1 [1]

New Uniform: #2 [2]

New Uniform# 3 [3]

So now you decide! We will have a voting these 3 days. If you have better ideas and want to tell us, just vote under. “None” and we might post another voting for a new uniform. Start voting here:

So there it is! Voting going to be till Aug. 25th – 28th. Start Voting.



12 Responses

  1. SWEEEEET ME I VOTE FOR NO.2 CAUSE THE GHOST IS AWESOME AND I LOVE THE COLOR PURPLE XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aww i liked the old uniform

  3. Hmmmmm I like the 2nd one but Im not a member so what do i do unless u have a contest…..
    Billy Mojo 2 (Super Moderator)

  4. I’m not member anymore but i have the old uniform cause i unlocked with coin code

  5. aww man i unlocked the taco uniform for nothing

  6. i dont have the ghost

  7. so ill try to where somthing simalr

  8. i cant wear any uniforms please can iwear theold one

  9. Im a non member but i picked number #1.
    p.s im new here.when do i get my rank?

  10. I saw no allies i will ask here. Can MAA become Allies with Tacos?


  11. go to the pizza fan site, plz help us win the invasion of cold front, second post.


    can you help this is going out to random armys

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