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Tuxedo Fail…Ughh, no, UMA Fail.

Hello Tacos!

This is much like the WW post but in my words.

Red – My Text              /            Black – UMA Text

Edit: Also Tacos used Bots. On CP there was a person on Auto Bot Followers following me. The name was something moo or something lol. So Tacos broke the hacking rule. Here we go again with a excuse. Well were your going, look at your picture you took, look who using a hacking program xD Big FAIL there.

 All I have to say to Tuxedo’s Results from Tacos and WW: Pointless. 

Just read the post and will see who’s pointless

 I mean, I think Uma is the only army that really actully *Actually followed the rules and did our thing. Well lets just get to the point now shall we?

 Look at your pictures and tell me who follow the rules again *smirk*

 I first wanna start off with saying, Tacos you did not count in this invasion. Why? Because you posted the invasion TOO LATE. There is a 24 hour limit. You did post it, but it was under Protection until about 16-20 hours ago. I watched, don’t tell me Im wrong. Also, wasn’t this sopose *Suppose to be an invasion? All I saw was WW and Tacos vs Uma and Romans in Snow Forts… THE WHOLE TIME.

First of all, our post was on sticky for more then 24 hours. Yuo should check more often, and we sure did move. Even ask your army and then will agree, I bet you. We moved to Snow Forts, Town, Dock, etc. Along with WW moving to other rooms too.

I mean seriously, its an invasion not a battle. You weren’t sopose *Suppose to stay in Snow Forts and battle for Tuxedo. Because you did not say that in your post. You said INVADING TUXEDO. And in your post you said “all over” Yet you just stayed in Snow Forts. I declare you did NOT win Tuxedo. Because you did NOTinvade all the rooms, you only invaded Snow Forts.

I believe and WW that Tuxedo belongs to our nations and there and like I said we moved to more rooms. :s

 And even if you say you “won” Congrats you won againest *Against one Army: Uma. I beleive we attack Roman too on Ice Berg. :sWhen you have Tacos AND Watex Warriors on one side. Yes Uma had Romans but all I saw was 2 people, and those 2 people were in Uma already.

 And! You know the chat of Tacos: www.xat.com/tacosofcpYea, well when I went there NO ONE WAS ON IT. Riffy was ordering his FANS to Tuxedo Snowforts. He did all the orders on his Famous Cp Cheats Chat. He did not order them on the Taco’s Army chat of his. So, most of Tacos? Pretty much his Fans I just love this post dont you?

Is there a rule were I have to control my army on my army chat, uhh no and why you keep saying fans? They may be are fans, but fans that are highly train and follow rules , listen to orders, perform a great line & circle. So if you want to keep making excuse because of my fans go ahead, just makes you look even more bad, that some bunch of fans can kick your butt. This are highly train fans. I also guarantee that this army is made from my fans 20% and 80% from other armies.

 Btw, today we learned that we can kick WW’s butts. They actully *Actually had there full uniform on, then they got scared pretty much and changed there uniform to Tacos. Making them wear sombreo’s and everything.

It actually the other way around but whatever, continue.

 So lets review this huh? In Conclusion,

  • Tacos did not count because they posted the Post too late for everyone to see it because it was Protected. Already told you it was unprotected for more then 24 hours 🙂
  • WW and Tacos did not invade as they only were in One Room the whole time in Tuxedo: Snow Forts. Already told you we moved to more rooms then just Snow Forts.

The Rule is That“You Must Invade/Capture 5-7 Major Rooms in CP, to Claim that Server”


 So we can all say that there “invasion” of Tuxedo was a FAIL. But I guess I should show you the Pics shouldn’t I? Here are the Links:

First of all those picture were you said charging us was us. :s And most of this when the battle hasn’t started

WW is uploading a video.. 🙂


http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos.jpg -We Wait for WW and Tacos to show up.

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos2.jpg –Still Waiting…2 Army people come, idk who they are.

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos3.jpg -WW and Tacos Show up… Uma is still bigger in size.

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos4.jpg -Uma charges the Tacos and WW.

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos5.jpg -Uma Spreads the Charge out through a Diangle Line.

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos6.jpg –Uma troops form a line at Bottom. Tacos and WW confused, still joke bombing on top :s

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos8.jpg -Idk

http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp333/hockey632/UmavsWWTacos9.jpg –One Final Pwnage Charge?


 So as you can see.. this invasion was a Fail. As Tacos and WW both did things wrong. If you just scrolled down to look at the pics, scroll back up and read everything I said as me making a point of why Tuxedo is still OURS.

Just pointless, like I said, will see who pointless at the end *smirk*


We Win Together, We Fall Together,

Trickster *We eat Tacos Together


P.S. Give me your comment Riffy and Luc *smirk*

Just did,  🙂

Harv Edit: check this out


Check this out *cough* Haven’t heard of Print Scrn button *cough*


4 Responses

  1. Hehe there’s a ww that has a pic that uma admit defeat. Tacos and ww rightfully own tuxedo now.


  2. Tacos Has Tuxedo we will invade flipper and this time all the roomz plz lol (rcp mod)

  3. Here’s the picture that Apo says they got owned 😛 http://i30.tinypic.com/34f03nc.jpg

  4. Lol that was fun! wonder who “moo” is lol! TACOS ROCK -Pighorsecow (Proud Taco Captain) ~RCP mod~

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