uma invades flippers/ DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST UMA

Ok well the Tacos have decided to declare war on UMA.and there invading 2 servers snow cap and flippers which is ours.How do i know its ours well i went on WW chat today and they were so nice they told us we owned it 😀 . but uma doesnt know that and now we defend it! heres the battle info

date: August 30th (Sunday) 2009

place: Flippers, Town

time: 11:30 a.m pst, 12:30 p.m mst, 1:30 p.m cst, 2:30 p.m est

 And if you come you get 3 medals 😀

~~red turtle35~~



6 Responses

  1. cool ur auther here red


  2. all right let’sa goo!!

  3. okay UMA put em up!
    I might not make it but ill do my best! Please dont depremote!
    Billy Mojo 2 (RCP mod)

  4. this was canceled the uma took it off there invassion post

  5. i miss evrything wahh i was on vacation just got back forgive me

  6. im sorry i missed this huge war agains UMA. I hope im not depremoted please forgive me!!!
    Billy Mojo 2 (RCP mod) (Taco warrant officer)

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