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Welcome Tuxedo & Ice Berg!

Hello Tacos!

Well since we did this invasion we won both of the invasion of Tuxedo and Ice Berg!  Awesome right?

Here the picture of the invasion of Tuxedo:

And for the invasion of Iceberg, didn’t manage to get a picture but there was like 3 Romans and 3 UMA and 12 Tacos O.o

Riffy8888 Edit: If you have a picture Houndy post it please. Thanks.

So we have 2 new servers! Welcome servers! Ice Berg & Tuxedo.! Your part of the Taco Nation.



14 Responses

  1. Riffy I’m not quite sure if we won Ice berg server, you see, after u said brb and logged of cp, almost all of the tacos logged off. So there was only about 10 tacos left. this was after u went to brb mode. Then more tacos started leaving. Me and a few tacos and stayed and trying to get UMA and Romans to surrender. After a few mins there where only 3 tacos left. And there where still about 15 UMA or Roman soldiers. So I thought we had lost.

    Then about 8 mins later, at 5:25 about Houndy told the tacos to go to the Ice Berg server. And at this time there were only about 10 uma or romans left. After a couple mins, more tacos where coming on. And the UMA and Romans were leaving they said they won. After that, the tacos started to say we won. So who actually won this.


  2. *phew* That was a long comment.


  3. Your 3ic is right. You guys didnt win Ice Berg. Once you left all our troops logged off. Plus Romasn combined with UMA out numbered you we where just dressed in differnt unifroms and you where barely there

  4. Wow 1picture that proves something 🙄

  5. kl is right but while we did have troops they stayed in one corner the whole battle

  6. when i say they i mean romans XP

  7. Wow im commenting on a n00b site oh well

    Okay anyways, wow nice one pic! Doesn’t mean you own it… Tuxedo is still Umas.

    Because 1. You posted it too late, there is a 24 hour limit. You posted it goodly, yes. but it was on protected until 16 hours ago at the invasion time. So sorry you do not own it.

    And 2. When Invading a server you need to invade/capture all rooms. You did not do that. And if you have, let me see the pics. Because we had 4 uma troops in seperate major rooms (besides Snow Forts) watching for any invaders of WW and Tacos. None was shown. You only invaded 1 room: Snow Forts, Congrats! But you need to invade 5 major rooms and you did not do so. If so, please show me the pic and the time/date on ur computer by the pic.

    Thanks 😛

  8. you lost stop lying cause when u left their was only 3 tacos left and no WW and their were 15 UMA and Roman soldiers still their so ofcourse we won and we left then Houndy told everyone to comeback so not only is it a loss but ur trying to cheat WW and Tacos lost both servers get over it u lost

  9. We have ice burg, and the sitting in the corner is a tactic. I’ll tell it to you if you want:

    When the troops participating start to leave, the corner ppl come in to save the day. I don’t know what happened to them, that night.

    So we have ice burg, but we’ll share another server if you want. Ice burg is our capital.

    ~Sarahshuga, roman supreme commander

  10. i couldnt makevacation srry good jobfellow tacos on ur victroy ill try to be active this school year startes tommorow

  11. You have 1 cropped pic and uma has like 11. And with the ice burg, u dont have any, romans have 9, with proof of tacos using bots.

  12. there not tacos sheesh 🙄 never let go of that do you

  13. there person using bots wasnt a tacos -_-

  14. yeah i was with the penguinkl in one of the last 10 anyway we definatly lost iceburg

    (Rcp Mod) smart kassab

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