uma admit defeat?

Well I was looking through the comments and saw that Vicxyz (WW sergeant major) had a picture of Apocolypse66 (UMA co leader) admiting they lost.Thanks Vicxyz.Anyways heres the picture.

Thank you for your time.

~~Red Turtle35 Taco:3rd in command~~


9 Responses

  1. Oh Ok

  2. Omg rofl a 3ic said that you n00b.

  3. Haha UMA got pwned.

  4. we own (rcp mod)

  5. Uma should amit there defeat because i went and we did pwn

  6. darn it forgot (rcp mod) smart kassab

  7. yuo failed because you were on or someone a uma wouldnt say that. I have proof because When trick made you a guest
    you took a pick of when you were a guest. So it was
    reds edit: 1 thats not me 2 he has owner pawn next to his name of course its him LOL

  8. lol

  9. red owns tho

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