Appology to the romans

Sorry Romans we know we lost iceberg.Riffy dont post saying we won iceberg without knowing the facts XP. We will gladly give back iceberg but for tuxedo……..I think we won tuxedo sorry UMA


6 Responses

  1. Yup it’s correct. Sorry about iceberg saying we won romans. we know we lost in ice berg war. But not for tuxedo though. i think we won

  2. yeah we definatly lost iceburg,srry riffy, but i know for a fact that we one tuxedo

    (Rcp Mod) Smart kassab

  3. im a general a head thanks u iwill promise tobe active all i can

  4. we did lose ice berg srry

  5. Its ok,

  6. riffy srry i havent been going ive been busy camping and ya…… also back in school so ya il do the best i can to come to war soon.

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