Invasion of Tuxedo… AGAIN

Houndy’s Edit: Kj says they’re bringing in allies… And I thought UMA was the 5th largest army. 🙄

Red turtle35 edit: Well after checking alot of cp army blogs i saw that the golds/dw/swat/reds (I know alot of names) they have decided te help uma.Well thats all i have to say.Oh houndy I want red >_>

We are invading Tuxedo again, due to the fact UMA reinvaded. Try to come, even though its a little late night.

Invasion of Tuxedo

When – Sunday (tomorrow) This is your 24 hour notice

Who – WW, Tacos, Rpf vs. UMA (No other Allies)

Where – Tuxedo All over the server since this is an invasion.

Time – 7:30 pm pst, 10:30 pm est





20 Responses

  1. I can hopefully can 😉

  2. cool i can come come but if i dont come its because my mom made go to sleep early.

  3. I can make it

  4. I can’t make it, it is to late for me. 😦

  5. i will try though

  6. I can come probably I dont have school tomorrow so im purdy sure I could. XD

  7. i think i can make it

  8. i dont have school soi can come also houndylook at this at romans site they are declaring war on us

  9. update i might not make it movie

  10. ill make it the movie will end 1 hour before

  11. can’t come

  12. We gonna pwn UMA. (:smirk:) :smirk:

  13. i will try to come if im not busy

  14. =0omg romans called us freakin liars on there site

  15. i will be there (rcp mod) smart kassab

  16. im on tuxedo i searched every where and i couldnt find Tacos WW or UMA

  17. WE WON

  18. im so srry i couldnt make it we had to watch tto movies i tried to fget my dad to pick me up but he nevr answered and i couldnt walk home evn though it was at least 300 yards away also please tell me who won

  19. Hey tacos, sorry I have to quit. 😦 I’m really sad, but I can’t be up to date. School starts, tons of homework, Alto Sax. practice for 30 minuites, just too much stuff. 😦

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