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    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Invasion results

Well I had to go do something and I missed alot so heres all I got. Well according to the WW it was called off and only a practice battle. So we dont own Tuxedo. Sorry tacos and thanks to all that came. Well I only got 6 pics from other people so here we go. I dont even know if there in order or not lol.

Heres the begging of the war (note these are justin1901 pics)

these 3 pics are somewhere in the middle of the battle

and finally we have the end of the battle

oh and to prove we’re not a “fan club” heres a pic of full taco chat and no riffy!

Anyways thanks to all tacos that came.Hope you had fun.Oh and great battle uma.


14 Responses

  1. that was so much fun

  2. war was awesome but kj quit i wonder y tuxedo so special well anyway i loved the war but we should have war on uma we have a new cp rilvary lol but if ther eis a rilvary i hope we in 😀

  3. riffy im sorry i couldnt come we had to watch another moivie i tried to call my dad to pick me up he didnt answer im so srry i will be active at other stuff i promise unless i have soccer

  4. Red here are the links for my pics lol i made a new photobucket for taco pics



  5. awww i wasnt in the pics i came o well

  6. I had to go erly.It was to freakin late.Oh well, TACOS RULE!

  7. Hey Riffy! Its Billy Mojo 2
    Yeah Im Sorry I made a site and yeah forgot about that A few things:
    1. Im Sorry i was away all weekend and missed 2 batttles!
    2. I no its not right but i am a mod on riffy chat cuz of Rcp mod and stuff but can i be mod on taco chat cause im a warrant officer?
    Talk to you later!
    BILLY MOJO 2 (Tacos Warrant officer)

    Reply: Hello, I see that you are a warrant officer. And you want to be mod. To be a mod for the tacos chat you have to be a Major General or Higher. It has to be a rank above the mod line. Thank You for your participation.

  8. Thats was fun.Sorry i left at the middle of the battle.Because i was tired.I start school tomorow.Tuesday is my first day of school. 😦

  9. I dont see the chat *smirk*

  10. We were amazing.!

  11. Houndy im a head general in tacos and im nintendocp12 on xat I was hacked and lost my moderator rank on taco chat will you make me one again then the sadness will be cleared

  12. woah lol the first one is penguin storm lol ;D

  13. the uma is the rothopper army srry if i offend rockhopper we did a great job

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