Tacos VS. Crew For Polar Bear!

Hello Tacos!

Well it seem as a Club Penguin Army called the “Crew” ask us to battle them for a server, so if they want kick butt time then they’ll have it. It suppose to be like 10 armies VS. his army, but I believe we can handle this our self. I bet 80% of those army that said were going to come aren’t gonna come. 🙂 But anyways let get to the point:

Tacos VS. Crew

Ok guys, be there it gonna be awesome! Anyone who comes will get 7 medals! Yeah 7 medals because of me not updating the medal system sorry guys! But anyways be there! Comment if you’ll be able to make it.

Also any member that just join a few weeks ago and are not in the list, please do come, I will list everyone who on this battle. So please do come if you’re not on the ranks. Thank-You for your patients.



17 Responses

  1. im coming

  2. i will sure be there and at head colonel what do u have to do to be promoted (smart kasab)

  3. mesa coming fist pb but this better help me regain that tiny time i was a head general lol

  4. Cool.I can mabye come.

  5. Can you at least help us Riffy for the first 15 minutes?

  6. We may not be able to make the battle. You are going to need to change the battle date to Sunday, or etc. I don’t battle on Saturdays.

  7. I’ll try coming, probably will

  8. Ill Try my hardest to come!

  9. ill try!
    Billy Mojo 2 (warrant officer)

  10. im coming

  11. ill proably come. LETS FIGHT OUR BEST TACOS!

  12. i be ther

  13. i am already there

  14. hey can you guys declare war on the Ice Ninjas we are your allies so we would like you to help us in a war idk when it will be but it will be soon. our army is called the CP Strikers thanks



  16. They Didnt even come! Ive got 18 medals! Yes!!!! Also chek out my site: http://www.billymojo2.wordpress.com i put pics of the battle on and sorry there messed up but the ppl that were there on time were featured!
    Billy Mojo 2

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