Top 10 armies

Well im bored and i feel like doing this so here goes

  1. Nachos:Well they sold there domain and now they have a new site.Click HERE to see it.They also lost world war 5.
  2. ACP:Well they won world war 5.Were gonna invade tuxedo bu canceled.Thats pretty much it.
  3. IW:Well they didnt do much this week except win the world war.Well theres on question i have to ask though.Why did they team with ACP?I thought they were nachos best ally
  4. UMA:Well they were with RA at first then just switched over to UA.Now they are having a mass recruiting session this friday.
  5. WW:Well like UMA they switched from RA to UA.They also invaded tundra and got it back.So the tundra union has WW,UMA.RPF,and somehow us.They are also thinking about unmerging with UGR
  6. GW:Had an active count,promo day,and are invading white house.
  7.  Romans :In world war 5 were with UA.Now that thats over they can focus on some army called HW
  8. Tacos:Yes i put us in 8 place lol.Well the Tacos faced penguin crew for polar bear and penguin crew didnt even show up.
  9. MFW:Invading white house with gw thats all
  10. FW:Well there in here because Pringy decided to bring them back.So are they unmerging with nachos?

Well thats all for now.Remember this is MY opinion.So please dont get mad

~~Red Turtle35~~ why am i writing in orange?


11 Responses

  1. what is the point in doing that lol?

  2. The nachos arent bigger than the ACP and IW. It should be 1.ACP 2.IW 3.Nachos. The nachos fell alot and their active count proves it.

  3. and why and the hell is MFW 9th they suck so bad 55+ active

  4. hmmm your right but i dont feel like updating

  5. hey i got an idea everytime tacos see senseii lets taco spam him

  6. IMAF is in 8th its even on the nachos site or it was but we are in it on the list not you

  7. This is red’s opinion mudkip. so dont get mad about it lol

  8. OMG DONT ARGUE! Its only reds opinion. SO SHUT UP! Ok I’m bored so, TACOS RULE!


  10. o_o maybe some did…

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