USMC Marines Declared War on us

Today when I was at riffy’s chat the leader of a army called usmc said they are declaring war on tacos. He PC me and told me to notify riffy about it. The USMC site is. They told me to tell riffy to go to their chat if we accept their war. So tacos if riffy or houndy accepts, ARE WE READY to show this army who’s boss? Their chat is

Lets beat these guys.

~thepenguinkl Tacos 3rd in Command


7 Responses

  1. thats just a total kill……

  2. woot a war finaly

  3. HA! They are so small we shouldnt even bring the whole Tacos army. But that wouldnt be any fun. im ready to show them whos boss.


  5. I will be there.

  6. Are you going to going to do it Riffy?

  7. I bet that army doesnt even have any recruits

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