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Club Penguin Army Tournament Results

Hello Tacos!

Once again, we kicked butt on this tournament! We weren’t the best there, but  I got to say we were the 3rd Largest out there! With over 25 active Tacos! If you missed it, here are some pictures I got during the tournament:

We first started of the Dojo COurtyard but once it started, we attack the dock first! I don’t believe it was the FW but it might be some noobish red army.

Then we headed to dock to battle ACP, we had about the same amount or less, but we spam them really good that it going to leave a mark *smirk*

Then at that same time, minutes ago, ACP group a ball in the corner and we charge right at them:

Last we try getting into Snow Forts but was extremely packed, so we decided to go to cove were we battle IW and an army called the Golden Army:

This was a truly great battle! Great battle to every army who participated in this tournament! Our chat had a great major of people, and yeah this time we were on the Taco Chat *smirk*

Anyone who is this list, online will get a 7 medals and a rank up if i see you deserve it. If you dont get it either you didn’t do nothing or you’re a high rank already. But overall, great battle tacos! Comment if you were able to make it!

-Riffy8888 TacoLeader


17 Responses

  1. Ya we kicked alot of but!When are u gonna do the ranks?

  2. I missed it I thought i would only miss a little and be at end of it buyt over already. I had swimming lessons


    P.S.What were you you doing in redrarehounds igloo?~SuperMan2808


  5. i know right we pwned

  6. Hey, Freeze Bird, I was the one who told you we won in Houndy66’s igloo.Remember?~SuperMan2808

  7. i made it there whole time im nintendo on chat

  8. what i am mad why do they get medals for going i went to the war on tundra and i dont get a medal i just missed one thing and i get no medals for going to others. i mean i go to everyone that u dont give out medals but everyone i cant go to is the one u give out medals.i am going to quit or stop advertising this site to everyone if i dont get a medal for everyone i go to. just ask thepenguinkl i go to everyone except the ones u give out medals. i been a taco for a long time and took the time to write this is not reconized well i just only want medals
    -smart kassab

    reply: riffy didnt put on the medal yet be patient 😉

    • no its just that he only gives medals to other wars but not the ones i go to so i never get any.

  9. lol i would have been there but

    1. i was at my friend house using a pad not mouse

    2. snow fort was full

    so sorry for not coming

  10. sorry i was battling on acp’s side

  11. ummm………….. riffy i should of been on the list i was there.There must of been something wrong with it but my name was ๓єฬ๔ย๔є_คкค_קєภﻮเ_קєภﻮยเภ_86105123

  12. WOOHOO!!!i got points!

  13. i came and it was AWSOME!!!!!! (:

  14. i forgot to say in my first comment that on cp i had to use my friends penguin because i forgot my password.but i made a new password yesterday.

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