Tacos VS. Crew On Polar Bear

Tacos VS. Crew

Hello Tacos! Well the Crew army decided to battle us and invade one of our servers, Polar Bear! They believe they have way more solder than us and could defeat us. Let show them a good kick in the but will trained solders who know what there actually doing! Are you ready Tacos? Let do this, here the info:


When: Friday, October 9th

Time: 4:00 PM, PST – Penguin Standard Time

Room: Iceberg

Server: Polar Bear


Ok this is going to be a great battle! I know I promise the ranks after this week, which I am, but I want to give everyone a chance to get a rank up! So to get your rank up come to this battle and I will guarantee you you’ll get a better chance of getting ranked up! The Medals have been updated too! So if you come to you’ll receive a total of 8 medals! The biggest I ever gave! So comment if you’re comming!



16 Responses

  1. Im coming but i bet crew might chicken out again *smirk*

  2. will be there but they will start running a way lie chicins bawk bawk but we will win

  3. if im not doing anything on friday then im sure i can come

  4. Hey, it’s me Carson (Owner on the chat), can I join the tacos?

  5. I try my best to come

  6. i WILL be there, but i got to use the mini sonbrarow, but i might get it this weekend from a book.=)

  7. im gonna be there

  8. We will win, unless the crew merges with the new donut army that has like, 100 members. But, we will win, we kick butt! 😉

  9. Change in plan. i might not might make it because my mom and dad will be out, but i might be able to use it wherever i go. so count me in, but i might only be there for the first 15 minutes.~SuperMan2808

    P.S.Im still not on the rank list so when you guys read this, pls add me as a private.Thanks.

  10. I just posted a comment on the CREWS website about propor invading.

  11. JUST BEAT THEM!BEAT IT!lol ill come

  12. im going to come ~ivan jr

  13. im 95% i can make it the other 5% percent IM FORCED TO GO SOME WHERE WITH MY PARENTS!

  14. i can proably come but i might be a little late

  15. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!=D

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