I want to argue!

Houndy’s Edit: Jeepkid doesn’t know what biased means. He said to response in one of my comments where I had said they’re pictures were biased: “Biased? Those were from the Battle Smart one”. See? What an idiot. BIASED means in Favor Of. Get a dictionary Jeepnoob.

Well they think they won.Let me show you where they went wrong.



Hey Penguins! Jeepkid7 here with some awesome news! Today, we, the Club Penguin Crew Army, had our first battle!No you mean your second battle.Your first battle you didn’t even show up Wow, I am so impressed with our progress as an army, as one. We have worked so hard together, and I am so glad to tell you guys the news. We have won the Tacos and we now own Polar Bear! Awesome, right? Ok, so we started off at the Iceberg for the battle and killed the Tacos there. Thank you for showing up early Crew.

Picture 13-2

You took a picture here with no tacos in it.Now look at ours pics.

Picture 15-2

Once again not all our tacos here

Wow, this was an amazing line during the battle guys! We totally killed the Tacos there. Again with the no tacos in pic.throughout the battle, we moved to various places. Another place that we battled at was the Town. We destroyed the Tacos here.

Picture 19-2

Awesome work guys! Our size is huge and very good. Our tactics are also very good, too. If we had a chat like the Tacos, we would have done better. overall, we performed very well at our first battle. If Riffy8888, the Tacos Leader, wants to argue and say that he won over us, Like i said i wanted to argue.then take a look at what I caught him saying on his chat.

Picture 28

Spying?Also u didnt get a full pic of the chat narb.

We own Polar BearNOT, great work soldiers.

-Club Penguin Crew Army Leader, Jeepkid7


23 Responses

  1. look at the first pic. they cut off the tacos. we had some there, they just cut us off. I never liked jeepkid7,

  2. I don’t even like Jeepkid7. His army is full of *cough cough FANS cough cough*. I like Monkeydude better,


  3. jeep you think tacos arent smart?As you can see you cut off the tacos in the first pic.see look at the difference between the first and second.The only reason we were low on solgiers is cuzz the battle did not start yet and riffy did not give any orders.In the third pics we were going to another place so you took a pic with not much tacos we were going somewhere else.and armys dont spy jeep and riffy did not finish syaing evreything i mean he thought it was a tie but look at the pics =O
    Another failure i told you Jepp Think!

  4. Ok first of all riffy That’s Copying off of someone else’s website and jeepkid7 has the right to shut this site down due to copyrights! U didnt ask for permission either to put the pictures on and you are just a sore loser it makes u look so dumb riffy im a fan of ur site but when it comes to stuff like this you act like you have to win or you will go crazy!
    Houndy: Do you know how many armies get pictures from the Other Armies site after the battle? A LOT. And actually, This reminds me of the Monster Force VS Nachos. Monster Force are noobs, while Nachos actually played it right. Oh yeah, I have the right to shut down Jeep’s site because he said “Tacos” in the post 🙄

  5. guys crew is just a big army with horrible atctics i was there most of it

  6. CPCA is a f**king fan club. They deserve to be rejected from armies.

  7. curse you crew army..

  8. Its a tie for sure

  9. Nah, I Go With TACOS, Crew Is A Fan Club, Some On My Army Members Came To Help Out Too, Lol Your Welcome 😉
    -Braveboy124- Owner Of Dark Bunnies

  10. CREW said they were winning before it even started.And I know because I was the first taco there.

  11. They didnt win! they aint an army! they are a FAN CLUB!!!!!

  12. i couldnt make it again BECAUSE OF MY MOM! ):<

  13. Fan Club = Tacos

    Reds edit:Well we arent anymore you noob.I saw you guys yelling wheres jeep wheres jeep,and spying on us…what a noob

    • that s true we used to be a fanclub but now we r a real army. who talks by twitter for army stuff.Only noobs do

    • We WERE a Fan Club. Explain how a Fan Club is a Top 5 Army? 😕

      • who talks from twitter for army stuff?only noobs do! and that is true houndy how can we be number 5 if we are a fanclub? I bet if you go to the top 100 army ranks jeep your army will be 100! XP

      • Who named u in the Top 5? U r self proclaimed army in the top 5!

      • we r number 4 now. we might be able to pass the nachos 🙂

  14. we will win tacos rule crew drools

  15. look at this http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/
    number 4! beat that crew

  16. i was shouting commands FOREST!!! xD
    billy mojo 2 (w.o)

  17. omg megazboy commented here rip mega

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