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Tacos VS. Crew Polar Bear Battle Review

Houndy’s Edit: Let me say one thing; AMAZING JOB. Even though the Crew has so many people *COUGH FAN CLUB COUGH* we stood up to them. We deserve at least 4th largest army. To the Crew: You are the next Monster Force. An EPIC failure.

Hello Tacos!

Well today we had a great major battle with Crew. I have to agree they had a huge amount of penguins, you see, am a great sportsmanship guys *smirk* But anyways Crew believes they won. At the beginning of the battle, they had way more penguins, I have to  agree to that, but at the end of the battle we ended up with the most tacos and the best tactics, I believe Crew just didn’t know what there were doing, I never saw a line, perfect spam, etc. Now here are some pictures of the battle:

We first started of in Town, who looks like there winning with more penguins? Tacos *cough*


Right here, our both armies merge. Our charge looks way better and bigger right?


Then we moved to Plaza “which Crew followed us”  it just started getting crazy.


We moved to Forest and perform a great line. Great Job Tacos! Crew just wondering around wondering whats going on lol!


Then on Dock, we perform the perfect line in less than 20 seconds not kidding! Every Crew was like “Woah!” One even say the “It the Border” xD


Then our last stop was the Iceberg! In this picture we said: Smile if Tacos Won or Toot if Crew One. See the difference =D So we ended here and now you tell me who had the most warriors at the end. *smirk*


This battle was great, and I believe we one because of these reason that you even hae to agree:

  • Had the mores penguins at the end of the battle
  • Had way more better tactics, Crew don’t know what there were doing

So yeah great battle guys. I was going to call it a tie until I saw all the pictures lol. Crew didn’t even know when a battle has to stop xD Each battle is 30 minutes long, and we told them like 20 times that it over and they keep fighting. I still think there on CP xD THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE A CHAT THEY USE TWITTER TO DO ORDERS XD. (*cough*Fan Club* cough*) I bet every leader of an army, even ACP will laugh at that. Well if your in any of these pictures comment so I can add your medals, rank you up (maybe), or add you to the list if your not on the ranks. Great battle guys. Thanks for coming out, Happy Friday to all.



21 Responses

  1. You Stinked At The Forest The Line Got All Messed Up After That After All Those Smiles There Were Way More Toots The Bouder At The Dock Got Pushed Away By The Crew At The Plaza The Crew Went Crazy And Brock My Arm At The Snow Forts The Crew Went Attacking Like Crazy After That Pic And At The Town You Got To The Town First So We didnt Have Time To Do THAT Line wE wERE gONNA dO
    Houndy: Have you heard of complete sentences… FAIL

  2. I was there !woo! Tacos Rule! Crew=Fan club!

  3. Dool best ive seen just to let u know im not on ranks im becca941 ive been at every war and meeting

  4. i was there. we so won. they think size is the only thing that matters. This was a fun battle.

  5. lol nice edit houndy

  6. The Ice Warriors were glad to help you! You are one of our best allies! And if Crew wants to mess with our allies, the Tacos mess with them! And you’re right, the only thing they care about is the size. What about teamwork and effort? Once again, we are glad to help you! If you need any more help, just contact the Ice Warriors. 😉


  7. I was there on the fourth picture but lfet near the end cuzz i had to go eat.but i was still in the picture =D
    also lol houndy!And nice diss out riffy!You took crew to theie mommys! =O.And i cant believe they conntect byt twitter i mean how will thye connetc?Think harder next time jeep xD TACOS WON

  8. i was in some pictures i was ther half the battle im bowser

  9. i was there poppymelt

  10. I think its a tie

  11. Im in all the pictures.Really.I even rember the line when they were pretending they couldnt get through. I just have one question. My comments on the join page are still waiting moderation.Can I be a taco?

  12. Im being honest.I am really in all the pictires.

  13. i swear i am in all of the pictures.

  14. u call us a fan club? what r u? if riffy wasn’t the leader this army would be nothing! 😉

  15. we are a army. we got number 5 in top 10. we have real ranks not like the crew.

  16. We won =D crew toke there pic in places where there’s lotsa crew they cut us off in some pics :\ yay tacos!

    • Actually, Most of the Pictures that They took was when the Battle hasn’t started, which was “3:30-3:50” The battle started at “4:00” and all the pictures I took were doing that time =/


  17. i just laughed! XD they epicly failed!

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