Battle with Crew. TODAY!

Riffy8888 Edit: We will attend this. We will beat the Crew.

Blue Turtle’s Edit:Can we just change the server.I don’t want war right now,I just want to recruit.

Hound’s Edit: The Crew are attacking us at this session. We will crush their crew, and let them run to their mommas.

Hello Tacos we will be having a recruiting session tomorrow(Sunday).
Here’s the info.

Recruiting Session

When- Sunday October 18

Where- Flippers , Town


  • 3:00pm PST
  • 4:00pm MST
  • 5:00pm CST
  • 6:00pm EST

Comment if you can come!

~thepenguinkl Tacos 3IC


12 Responses

  1. I might be able to

  2. sure i can come but probaly late

  3. yay your fiorst post that actully worth somethng

  4. WELL REAPER HERE! I’ll make it

  5. We will crush the crew for attacking us 😀

  6. i might be able to make it but i might be late

  7. Bowser50732 i will be there i suggested a recruiting session to red turtle in the invasion pf halfpipe my wish came true yay now i need to play with my friend before 6

  8. i might be a little late but ill try to get there as soon as possible

  9. i can come…i think

  10. Hey hound We arnt just going to crush CREW we going to send them crying (again) XD! I want to see them screaming their heads off so lets make that happen

  11. maybe we can eat their guts whos with me yum

  12. u took my line houndy lol srry i couldnt come

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