Bored Again!

Well since we’re done with the Nachos and WW thing lets move on.Now I would let the leaders schedule something but none of them are active >_< I can’t think of anything to schedule so i want you Tacos to vote.

  1. PB with some random army.(I don’t know I’ll probably find one)
  2. Recruiting session that wont get ruined by “The Crew”
  3. Be Bored for about a week.

So comment your answer,and if you pick 3 I swear to god >_>


23 Responses

  1. To tell you the truth I like 1. the best 😆

  2. i dont know e do need more soiders and i want a pb so i will say i and 2

  3. 1 and 2 thats what i want

  4. 1 and beat the crap out of the ”Crew” LOL!

  5. I think 1.

  6. P.S.Riffy can I join?I was SAPOSED to to join at the flipper recruting sessoin that stupid crew wrecked.I also came up with a new chant for them:We are the crew that sucks you @$$

  7. uh,Pb with a random army.

  8. Can I please have a rank? I joined on Tuesday I think and I havent gotta a rank. Please check the Join page and add me to ranks

  9. OMG I WANT 3! lol jk lets do 1 and 2

  10. i want #1


  12. number two

  13. 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk….. um 2

  14. 1 or 2 but i am going with one!

  15. I pick 3 XD!!!JK.I pick 1 and 2.

  16. Gimme a rank plz I still eint got one!!!!!!!!U should wait for ur comments to get modrated so u see em all not put em straight on page! ~~~multi mario~~~

  17. the battle of fjord showed me u guys arnt a fan club at all but u do need to start gonig on taco chat more -__-

    Edit:I agree.

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