Temp Leader/2ics and 3ics

New Banners Coming!

Hello Tacos!

Yes I know Riffy has not been active, so for right now, I’ll be taking his spot. Im temp leader for right now. So let me make some annoucements.

  • We will be having more Recruitments
  • More Battles
  • More Fun 😀
  • And we’ll be More Active.

So without further ado, let me annouce the new Temporary Leadership staff of the Tacos of Club Penguin:

Leader: Houndy66 (Temporary) Riffy8888 (On Break)

2nd in Command: Red Turtle35

3rd in Command: Justin1901, Stonecold301

Im sorry Kl, but you havent been active lately and well, you need to be active.

Right Now, we’ll be having a party on Flipper! Come and celebrate as Tacos become more Active.




6 Responses

  1. ? i was at the last event now i’m just waiting for the next thing

  2. wat ya mean i’m not active :s

  3. kl you werent active on the site at all…

  4. not on site xD

  5. uh,party?

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