• Hello,this is Bowser50732/Nintendocp12, Sky Warrior/Swimmy and Wwebestfan your leaders, and we welcome you to the Taco's offical website! In here we make you a true soilder and defend Club Penguin. We are a major Club Penguin group and hold the place of the 8th Largest Army in Club Penguin. If your new and want to get started, please Click Here. We are the Tacos, and we will eat you, till your finished.

    Hola, am Riffy8888, you can call me as Riffy, Riff, Riffsterz, or whatever you want related to my name xD. I joined Club Penguin around July 12th of 2008. I am know for my Club Penguin Cheats Site I own and of course, me the creator of the Tacos. The Tacos all started out on April 2009. I Join most of this army stuff around December 2008. Then after a while, i decided making my own army, and there how Tacos got created. Hope we can meet one day, you can easily find me at our chat or just contact me by email. It great to meet you all.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving!Today is the day we give thanks to stuff we are happy to have.I know I’m thanksful for.

  1. Turkey 😛
  2. Family
  3. Call Of Duty XD

I’m sure i have more but im to tired.I’m going back to bed.


Voting Is Coming In!

Hello Tacos! Well, a while back, we had this huge voting to fix up our site since it was getting all old and boring, so here are the winning votes for those votes we had on the past month:

Should we make a new header? (83% Yes / 13% No) Is it Finished? “Yes”

Should we make a new join widget banner? (80% Yes / 20% No) Is it Finished? “No”

Should we make a faster & easier joining page? (91% Yes / 9% No) Is it Finished? “Almost”

Should we have a new URL? (62% Yes / 38% No) Is it Finished? “No”

Should we change our site like RiffyCP? (56% Yes / 44% No) Is it Finish? “It Gonna Take A While”

So if you would of done you math, all this poll votes are yes. This is not gonna be done quickly as possible because it gonna take till like next year, but the site will be changing part by part, and you’ll be informed when some updates are coming.



Screw my plan lets do this

                                                           Copied from cpaz site

First off, a couple of weeks ago I posted about the World War For Fun but I want to change into a fun thing,instead ”In Honor of Veterans” we should do an ”Honor of Thanksgiving!” The Armies will be in a group,2 groups ”Pilgrims and Native Americans” and both groups will be fighting each other.Also , Each Group will have an uniform,for example if ACP are native americans then they have to wear as a native american.The uniforms are below.

Native American Uniform:


Pilgrims Uniform:


Here are the teams:

Pilgrim Team:

  • Ice Warriors(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Nachos
  • Watex Warriors
  • Underground Mafias Army
  • Hot Sauce Army(ACCEPTED)
  • Black Panthers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team…



 Native Americans Team:

  • Army of Club Penguin(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Golden Warriors(ACCEPTED
  • Tacos (ACCEPTED)
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Black Bandits(ACCEPTED)
  • Club Penguin Sun Troopers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team..


  • No Bots
  • Don’t say ”WE WON!!!” because that’s kinda noobish,the decision will be made from CPAZ.
  • Be Honest
  • Betrayal is allowed.
  • No Cheating
  • Have Fun!






Saw(Feephill)and Chris(SmSm3)


Server: Outback

Room: All Over

When: November 28th

Time: 4:00 pm PST , 5:00 pm MST , 6:00 pm CST , 7:00 pm EST


Can’t see your Army’s position? Please enlarge the picture by clicking it.


  • Green: Army of Club Penguin
  • Light Blue: Ice Warriors
  • Purple: Tacos
  • Orange: Watex Warriors  
  • Light Orange: Nachos
  • Gold: Golden Warriors
  • Red and Black: Underground Mafias Army
  • Red: Hot Sauce Army
  • Aqua and Red: Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Black: Black Bandits and the other Armies…

If you want to be in this event please post this on your site! Thanks for your cooperation! We hope this Event will be a blast!

See you at the Event Club Penguin Armies!


Sounds fun right?Screw attacking sensei we could be banned for that lol.

~~Red Turtle35~~

Operation Charecter

Red here with my plan.Since we are so bored lets have some fun.You know sensei is visiting Club Penguin right?Well when we see him lets attack with tacos spam.Hopefully that will be enough tacos to get sensei to say taco himself.Any army may join in.

~~Red Turtle35~~

PB Review with the Golden Warriors!

Riffy8888 Edit: They asked to reschedule this PB, more details will come soon.

Hello Tacos! Well this PB turned like just a training session since only about 4 GW were in the battle. There reason was because the server was too full. Hey if it was full how come we were able to come in with a huge turnout? Check it out!

We first started of at Snow Forts, were we spotted a couple GW coming, so we formed a line.

After awhile, only 4 GW came and formed a line at the bottom of the chat box.

Then we did a massive J-bomb on them. which covered almost everything of Snow Forts

Then we headed to Iceberg and did a Toot Attack on them

Last but not least, we formed a line and claimed victory 😀

I want to tell every Taco that came did a very good job. I was gonna give everyone 10 but since GW didn’t come really, then I dont want to give that much of a medals for not even battling xD But I give you all 6 medals each! Here are the penguins who got the medals as I can see:

Potnoodle, Red Turtle35, Sonic5621, Bowser50732, Kubbi3, Greenprint 1, Justin1901, Thumbee, Perryphelps, Drc997, Amar332, Pighorsecow, Puddingpaper, Jake2097, Mariox38, Beauty218, Danny Zuke 1, Superman2808, Puffer1019, Curtzie Jr, Kirby 59122, The Zohan24, Fluffyzooble

That all I can see. I know I probably missed one of you, just comment and tell me what picture I can find you and provide you CP name. But over all; great battle Tacos! Comment if you made it!


Look whos back.

Hi Red here back as your 2ic.I just can’t live without tacos!…………………..In my tummy :P.Riffy convinced me and this is how

Riffy888:You traitor.



Red:Your just acting like a baby no…….

Riffy:Hahahahahaha TRAITOR

Red:I’ll join again

Riffy:HAHAHAHAHAH joiner!



Just kidding that was just to make you laugh.

~~Red Turtle35~~

Practice Battle With Gold Warriors On Halfpipe!

Hello Tacos! Yes there another PB! Since I have been soo active in the past month, I want to forgive, and train all of you guys to be smart and know what to do during armies battles, PB, wars, Etc. So were having another PB with an army are size, so this should be good. Check out the Info.

Practice Battle With GW

When: Saturday (November 21st, 2009)

Server: Halfpipe

Time: 12:00pm Penguin Standard Time

Room: Snow Forts


Make sure you meet up in the “TACO” chat 40 minutes before this battle! Many of you have ask question about the medal system, well, it back, and the penguins who got medals from last PB are now in the Medal page. So check it out, it has way better prices. If you come to this PB you’ll be rewarded 10 medals! This is a great amount! So don’t miss out. More rewards will be givin during the battle if your showing great work. Comment if you’re coming, that may give you an extra med…nevermind,  just comment if your going! See you there Tacos!