Polar Bear Invasion

Hello Tacos!

We are having the Polar Bear invasion today. I have a very low chance of making the battle. And I mean low. So either Red, Justin, or Stone will lead. Also, after you read this whole post, there will be a new post on the bottom.

Invasion of Polar Bear (CP Crew’s Server)

When? Sunday, November 1st, 2009.

Where? Polar Bear, Dock.


  • 7:30 PM EST
  • 6:30 PM CST
  • 5:30 PM MST
  • 4:30 PM PST
  • 10:30 PM UK

Why? Invade Polar Bear, then defeat the CP Crew.

Check out the post below!

Hope You Can Make it!



12 Responses

  1. im coming sir houndy

  2. ill be there besides why would i pass a chance to woop CREWs butts…….again

  3. 3rd i can come. i just joined to ppl who dont know me. im colonel

  4. I have to admit, I’d probably join the Tacos for this (but I won’t =P). I really hate CPC. Anyway, I hope you totally woop ’em, good luck Tacos!

  5. illl be there

  6. ill be there


  7. Ze Alliance will win!

  8. I will be there probably

  9. ugh i forgot bout something i cant come =( ugh i’m gonna be lowered rank again probably. all these sudden thing were i cant come

  10. wait i can be there for the first 15 mins about so at least i will be there for part of it

  11. oh wow server full


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