Battle Time!

Justin1901’s Edit:What do you guyz mean by time is the worst?Anyway i have been hearing that the time needs to be changed!Please comment below on a reasonable time.Also the day of the battle if need to be chnaged comment below.

Reds Edit:Justin idk what you did that made me not able to use colors but who cares.Justin good banner thing but next tiem make the times and server.I edited the times and stuff a bit but next time I won’t. p.s I call Red.Oh and these times are the worst

Hello peguins,

Justin1901 here with a new battle!Well for some reason a guy name MrBaseball27 wanted to battle tacos.His army is Freeze army.Here are the details for the battle!

Tacos vs Freeze

When?November 7

Times:7:00 Pm Pst,9:00 PM CST ,8:00 PM MST,1:00 AM UK,10:00 PM EST


Why:Because they want to have war

That is mostly all the details.Tacos I hope we can rise in victory!

Justin1901 (tacos 3rd in command)


18 Responses

  1. hey im a cp taco ive seen riffy a bunch of times well kinda o ya yes first comment

  2. where


  4. hehe ths meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Ok, so they want battle, too bad is kinda, not too late for me. In real it’s 2 hours more the CP clock, so in real for me will be 9:00 PM. But I’ll go! I promise now that (I submitted the questions), well almost a Taco member!

  6. Ill go if I know where it is.

    • wait, sorry, i cant come.Im not allowed on the computer that late at night.Im in est time, so that REALLY sucks.

  7. dude 10:00 eastern? my sister will be doing homework on the comp i cant come.

  8. ok im gonna be there


  10. freeze army, if you’re reading this, bring it on >:)

  11. i will allie!

  12. please send me the code for the Taco Banner so i can put it on my site. my email is

  13. …justin i told you Akatsukisofcp is helping freeze army even though houndy said akatsukisofcp is tacos allie xP

  14. well…i dicided to help tacos cuz you guys added us as allies

  15. im going =]

  16. Can’t it be a different day?We already have the tournament.I can’t do both if it’s on the same day.Please change it to a different day.My brother is greedy with the computer.

  17. 10:00 PM?YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.Please change it to a different time and date.

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