You vote for PB!

Hello Tacos!

Well it been a awhile since we had a Practice Battle with an army. We got to train you guys, you know? =P Well there alot of armies we can have a Practice Battle with.

But I want you guys to decide which will be a great practice battle and might help us alot. So just comment what army we should have A practice Battle with. I will try to make this Practice Battle on Friday or Saturday if I can. Thank for you time.

-Club Penguin Taco Leader: Riffy8888


18 Responses

  1. I want do do it with IW.

  2. o ya, after the PB, could you schedual a battle with the Pizza Fan Army or something? I really, REALLY want to battle for a server.

  3. Hmm.Maybe HSA or maybe Nachos.Please make it saturday.

  4. I think HSA oh and thatnks for letting us vote on what to do for the week and stuff you are the best leader ever

  5. IW or Nachos

  6. I’d say both IW teamed up with the ACP! I’d call this “WWIV practice”!

  7. how about crew, since we allies now(ps please dont make it saturday)

  8. HSA are Nachos we nevr did much with them

  9. The Club Penguin crew would be interested in a practice battle. If you guys are interested in participating in a practice battle, please come on to our chat tomorrow. Thanks!

    -CPC Leader, Jeepkid7

  10. o ya, dont make it saturday. I might have recruiting session with crew and my army.

  11. hmm a pb… with who

  12. the penguin. you vote.

    happy vetrans day!

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