Operation Charecter

Red here with my plan.Since we are so bored lets have some fun.You know sensei is visiting Club Penguin right?Well when we see him lets attack with tacos spam.Hopefully that will be enough tacos to get sensei to say taco himself.Any army may join in.

~~Red Turtle35~~


5 Responses

  1. I dont think this is such a great idea. attacking sensei O_o this may get everyone kicked out of the server

  2. lol ataccking sensei i tried it before when he wasnt visiting hmm

  3. lol. lets do it!!!

  4. wait, do we still have to screw this plan?

  5. i don’t get it Wat is a taco spam i am kinda new so can u plz explain it to me i am on server Christmas at the moment

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