PB Review with the Golden Warriors!

Riffy8888 Edit: They asked to reschedule this PB, more details will come soon.

Hello Tacos! Well this PB turned like just a training session since only about 4 GW were in the battle. There reason was because the server was too full. Hey if it was full how come we were able to come in with a huge turnout? Check it out!

We first started of at Snow Forts, were we spotted a couple GW coming, so we formed a line.

After awhile, only 4 GW came and formed a line at the bottom of the chat box.

Then we did a massive J-bomb on them. which covered almost everything of Snow Forts

Then we headed to Iceberg and did a Toot Attack on them

Last but not least, we formed a line and claimed victory 😀

I want to tell every Taco that came did a very good job. I was gonna give everyone 10 but since GW didn’t come really, then I dont want to give that much of a medals for not even battling xD But I give you all 6 medals each! Here are the penguins who got the medals as I can see:

Potnoodle, Red Turtle35, Sonic5621, Bowser50732, Kubbi3, Greenprint 1, Justin1901, Thumbee, Perryphelps, Drc997, Amar332, Pighorsecow, Puddingpaper, Jake2097, Mariox38, Beauty218, Danny Zuke 1, Superman2808, Puffer1019, Curtzie Jr, Kirby 59122, The Zohan24, Fluffyzooble

That all I can see. I know I probably missed one of you, just comment and tell me what picture I can find you and provide you CP name. But over all; great battle Tacos! Comment if you made it!



15 Responses

  1. TACOS AWSOME JOB OUT THERE! sorry i couldnt make it i was busy but by lookin at the pictures that was probaly one of the biggest turnoutes we have hade in a long time

  2. Yay Im there 😀

  3. Riffy? First off we could not get in, second most of the people from your pictures come from your cheat site since you go on there before each battle and tell them to go to the taco chat then afterwards you say you can go back to the riffy chat now.

    So it wasn’t fair since gw couldn’t get in, and also that seems the same as using allies just about.

  4. I made it i was there 😀

  5. I made it riffy you didnt put me up 😦 ~mrbaseball27~

  6. Riffy you missed me 😦 can you put me up there you cant see me in the picture though put me up!!! ~mrbaseball27~

  7. hey riffy! that was so fun lol. idk what the heck they mean by “its just like using allies” cuz all we did was follow our routine. tsk tsk tsk theyre just looking for an excuse. you rock! -Pighorsecow (Proud Taco Captain) ~RCP mod~

  8. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! thats all u sat Riotors u only make excuses so why not shut it and acually try to become a REAL army

  9. MESA was there and great abttle gw

  10. I agree with rio but 1 hour before the battle riffy was not there and we still had a good amount come for training on the chat

  11. ok. Sorry Red Turtle. I was just kind of mad but im fine now.

  12. O YA!!! I WAS SO THERE!!!

  13. more info never came XD. -Pighorsecow (Proud Taco Division General [Kappa])

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