Chrristmas PB


Why are we always the most bored army.Time to get into the holiday spirit!Gobble Gobble!Just Kidding.Anyways me and my friend (Mrbaseball) came up with a wonderful idea!Santa vs elves.Elves finally get pay back!Anyways it’s team santa (stoncecold301 or justin depends on whos on) VS team elf (mrbaseball)Here are the teams.I will judge.Also read the post about recruitting session below!

Team santa:Making69324, Maxy98108, Mc Mac Man1, Mimi9069, Moe0852, Monchocho, Moyni Guy, Mr Quail, Mudy491, Muffingal400, Mr Bean 2009, Mqpb, Nathan33440, Niceguy6789, Ninja09879, None123, Noyobro, Obi Wan Pung, Oche Cinco88, Orange, Osimal1, P32700909, Parisjojo11, Peanut6907, Penguin58916399, Penguin71833117, Pengy5401, Penner9, Pepsi914, Peg12356, Pinkimla, Propel Man, Popularboy6, Poulihead, Puxido, Qwertopus14, Rvd56712, Rachel50215, Raymond58432, Ricardocov, Rico 09, Reddbudd, Reddotman, Ringo604, Rocker46916, Rockstarc2, Rocky7788, Ryman711, Ryu Penguin 1, Sacleblu, Saben1, Samunaske, Sasuke1230, Seandana7, Shortcake473, Shuffleking4, Sith0085, Sleeker100, Sk8t, Skaterlove78, Slushee76543, Supak4, Snowy21399, Ssjadman ,  Stonecold301, Test peng900, Troublerockx, Vio789, Vulavour, Waldy100, Wad2030, Webaddict, Wille29, Wizardly01, Zebby Queen, Zackie151, Zukowksi , Hurly213, Hqsnake, Legoman RobLin, Imiss Ateneo, James Plond, Johnny23524, Jonnyrox, Jrocks67, Jtq360, Katydidkoeck, Keseyrb4, Kirby 59122, Koolkid1513, Kristian6194, Kwek4, Majd8, Mandy1968, Maria6261, Marzhan6, Megan12345m, Mickey5120, Miracle767, Millionmanic, Mnm1234, M00moSk8t Border 2, Notru, Pokecatch, Puffer1019, Rockstar36,Kiteholder54, Manhiker544, Negitively65, Penguin 86105123, Snowy21399, Soundbooth, Ssjadman, Stuffy Man 3, Supak4, Teelslacker, Tigyee, Timepasser1, Tito556, Toan Ho, Tuyo1, VjRed,Vennginer43, Xyk8, Xraidder54, Yoomute667, Zembern77  , Jackball500,  Jake2097, James Plond, Jetsfan Brad, Jjjellyjam, Mariox38, Nathan33440, Neer The End, Pandapoo1416, SkyWarroir, Sensfan, Snoopy1201, The Zohan24, Xd98,Allycatsmith, Annq5001, Amar332, Aravinth,
Boonkeyz, Faniis123, Felipe344, Felix39723, Bob6427, Bratz151515, Dark Ninja23 Cool Rider88, Coolguy12348, Darth Rick 1, Dbird99, Ellenflower, Ezechiel10, Extremeskis, Greenprint 1, Mrkittles, Player8008, Potnoodle, Smart Kassab, Toadtlle Perryphelps, Poppinlooin, Rollingflames, Rock71, Sonic5621, SuperMan2808 , Pighorsecow, GPH136, Panthers Bas, Ronblue , Thumbee, Warrrior772 , Thepenguinkl Justin1901 Loppi,stonecold41,Ivan JR

Team Elf:0foobball01, Ajs541, Attack556, Anbishes433, Adogg77, Big Da 2nd, Bigfoot1dfd2, Bigfoot1dfd3, Bizar, Blackpang910, Bensora, Bensteller55, Ben554, Callumb 7, Catgraver885, Candyboy8, Candy50405, Cannot66, Catz2345, Chance 13, Chaldoboy, Coco poo1,  Coolblue3892, CoolGuy4494, D2de, Daisy10021, Danthemanr1, Darthever, Dolphin 500, Dude18643, Ellencool332, Flip98765, Flo Rida, Frostbite375, Fulangy, Goofy Mac567, Greendude50, Grm1996, Happypappy70, Heyhey963, Hommieaa, Iceninja234, Itz  Bigfoot, Kepy123, KakobJaws, Jetstar25, Joeboss15, Johncena5366,  Jones0258, Katara183, Kennmaker5932,  Kieranmega y, Koolkid1513, Krazykidtoo, Lil luigi2, Locodelos70, Lucky2355, Low479, Madmatt9111amy11, 20 40 matt, 67tp,8jaja, Aod213, Aravinth, Arif18, Astronaut343, Bactec08, Bammergrea, Bob6427, Chip Chipper, Chimichunga9, Clyde144, Cocoputt, Comet1298, Corwo, Comerter, Cornpopper2, Crazyredpie, Cubsbears99, Curtzie Jr, Cute Boy731, Cuttra, Daffyduck244, Darkeye32, Ezechiel10, Extremeskis, Hat Man 687, Hris207, Horakhty, Hulkbuster208tinkerpink, 87as6, 9jpwd9, 2 colton 12, 67tp, Annq5001, Baily809, Beauty218, Benbuhey06, Big Boy 05, Big Eye i, Big Jim 360, Cjtoupy123, Clear5667, Cutter5664, Danny Zuke 1, Felipe344, Felix39723, Filly126, Flip313, Gypup, Glip565443, Hariex,0934lio, 6cyclemind, 67tp, Ace Rimmer, Ae24, Alexandra855, Allycatsmith, Bmxmaster619, Bob6427, Bratz151515, Cheesehead123, Chero5535, Denyor95, Elephan45, Eleplant66, FluffyzoobleBob6427, Bratz151515, Dark Ninja23, Godlovr, Goth Guy84, Hurly213, Hqsnake, Icce 2222, Icecat964, Mushyspark, Minidude343, Nick54822, Puddingpaper, Waddles13773, Waddle2366712 colton 12, Bmxmaster619, Bσηgσ77895, Billy Mojo 2, Chi3f362, Chilly Tina, Comet1298, Coolkaitlyn1,Artix66165, Bowser50732, Cool Rider88, Drc997, Dingting10, Dbird99, Haywood 12, Louy500, Infernape12, Kubbi3Bladerox, Cowtail5, Duke4324, Drago768, Loganlog14Akatsuki 879, Fobgirl101,Mr FreezeBird7,Mcrfan,Stonecold301 

Woah long list anyways.Santa and elf need to dif chats so team elf get And santa gets 





Where:Beanie Snow Forts

When:1:00 PM pst,2:00 Pm mountain,5:00 PM central,9:00 AM UK

Why:For fun

Date 12/6/09

I don’t know if i got the times right so someone edit it XD.


20 Responses

  1. Hey Tacos! RED ALERT!
    IW IS INVADING HALF PIPE! I know were sharing the server thats why were asking help! I know its a late notice but if would be the best if you can come! Gw And Ww may be there but HSA for sure! Heres the info

    We will be invading 2 of HSA’s servers. Heres the info:

    Where: Halfpipe Town/ Freezer Town

    When: Thurseday, December 3rd


    Eastern: 6:00 P.M.

    Central: 5:00 P.M.

    Mountain: 4:00 P.M.

    Pacific: 3:00 P.M.

    UK: 11:00 P.M.

    PS. Post about this immediatly after you read this comment

  2. Hey uh on the post thing uh ya you didnt do a date 😛 -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Head Colonel) ~RCP mod~

  3. I can come.

    p.s.You misspelled “christmas”

  4. i can come if i know the date lol but elfs vs santas we elfs tired of amking toys lets get sacry

  5. I don’t have the santa hat,I will wear the firefighter hat

  6. whats the date?

  7. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT TO BE ON SANTA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. lol

  9. CP Army World is hosting a Christmas tournament if you want to join comment here

  10. cant go im auditioning for the msuical then cahnge the time please

  11. Lets go Team Santa!

  12. hey red what team am i on i couldnt find my name on either list?

  13. now can come and i made it into call backs

  14. Im Judge so stone is leading Team Santa!

  15. Red 1:00 Am pst is late O_O

  16. shoot damn it i messed it up


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