Recruiting Session

Hello Tacos! Well almost every army has been having there down fall on soilders. That has been happening to us lately but our last PB we had a great number of soilders just like the good o’ days 😛 So I want to do a recruiting session with the tacos not just because of the thing I just told but we hadn’t had one for a while. So check it out:

Recruiting Session

When: December 6th, 2009
Where: HalfPipe
Time: 11:00am Pacific Time Zone
Room: Town

This event will be worth 4 medals and a good chance of getting promoted =D on the the next promotions. Also make sure you comment if you can come or not. Remember comment may show who’s active or not. See you there Tacos.



10 Responses

  1. uhh can come if iknow times for eastern satndard time nothing tommorw i jus tneed the time

  2. Awsome riffsterz we finnaly get a recruiting session

  3. i think i can come probably if im online n not out in the SNOW!!!!!!!!!! (with bff) but ill try n i may not be able to stay the whole time

  4. WE can’t use half pipe anymore

  5. We were kicked out of the halfpipe union cause we sided with iw

  6. I think we should move to a different server because we are out of halfpipe union maybe in Beanie our capital.

  7. i need times for est

  8. please we need times for est mountain and others are we cant go

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