Active Count!

Hello Tacos,

Tacos have not been active lately so I decided to do an active count! Here is how you do it:



Rank:3rd in command

Status:Active and ready to fight!

That is how you would do it if you were me but your not me xD!Anyway make sure to comment that your active just like I did on the top!

Waddle on,

Justin1901 Tacos 3rd In Command


15 Responses

  1. Stonecold301
    3rd in Command
    Active and ready for anything

  2. Penguin Is Drc997

    Rank is Tacos Colonel

    Status= Active and ready to Battle =]

  3. Penguin : Thumbee
    Rank : Major General
    Status : Always Active and just waiting for the PB or Battles !!!

  4. penguin:lopii

    Rank:lutanant general

    Status: partially active

  5. Pighorsecow
    Tacos Head Colonel
    Status: LETS DO THIS! 😀

  6. Penguin:dolphin500


    Status:Active and ready to fight!

  7. Penguin:hommieaa


    Status:Active and ready to fight!

  8. smart kassab


    I dont care what rank i am i will just be here to protect the tacos

  9. Penguin:Bowser50732


    Status:Active and ready for battle

  10. SuperMan2808


    Active and ready to eat bacon XD

  11. im commenting do i have to say im active

  12. Penguin: Gph136

    Rank: Lt Colenel
    Status: Active

  13. Penguin: Mrbaseball27

    Rank: 7th in command



  14. Penguin: thepenguinkl

    rank: head general

    status: Active sometimes

  15. penguin:freddy257
    rank:dont got 1 yet

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