Recruit Results!

Hello Tacos,

We had an awesome recruit. First off Riffy was leading the recruit but his CP cracked up and he told me to Lead! I dont want to brag but I was a pretty good leader xD! Anyway when Riffy left I thought that we should do a little practice so I kinda made it into a practice LOL! Here are the results:

We Started out with a sideways line it was pretty good!

Then we felt like spread the Tacos so we went to the cove where we made an outstanding Line going up and down!

After the practice the Tacos were Celebrating at the chat!

We Had an awesome Recruit(Practice)! These are the list of people who were at the Recruit!

If you were in the picture and you were a member you have just earned 5 medals! All I have to say is awesome recruit the best thing that I thought about the recruit was our line it was 10/10! Now I have something to brag to other CP army leaders*smirk* and I’m proud of you for still doing the recruit without Riffy! Do you think I was a leader xP!Comment!

Waddle on,

Justin1901 (Tacos 3rd In Command)



11 Responses

  1. You guys had an Awesome Practice!

  2. never mind about the quit. i commented before i read the post.

  3. woot woot we did awshumieee. lol. good job leading justin.

  4. Well, anyway, you guys did great!

    • O ya, when someone updates the meadles, they need to put me and a few other ppl with 6 meadles from the PB with GW.

  5. you are a great leader and super man and me and others still nedd the medals for gw pb

  6. Great Recruiting guys. Great Post to Justin.
    Very Proud. 😀

  7. Lol that was so fun! -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Head Colonel)

  8. It was fun

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