Epic Victory!

Hello Tacos,

Later today, after the recruit we had a big war for u to be in Half Pipe union! Uma,  And Nachos were on Ice warriors side. While Gw,Tacos,Hsa, And IMAF were on WW side! It was a huge war we were moving the whole time it got me tired xD! Anyway all of the armies on each side had to wear the same color of the captain’s army uniform and it turned out WW had more people.Here are some pictures I got while I was at the battle!

We first started at Snow Forts but I did not get a picture so the second place we went was at the pool and alot of people were there!

Next lucario (WW Leader) told all of us to get out of the pool we made a square xD!

We next went to the cove and stay at the edges of the water it was pretty cool.

After a few battles with IW we won the battle! These are Tacos celebrating!

Im impressed with all of the Tacos! Alot of people were at the chat for Tacos. Here are the list of names that was in the battle for Tacos.

Im super proud of all the Tacos! If you were in the list you just have earned 7 medals! If you missed it it’s not your fault we did not schedule it xP! Thanks you Tacos for coming out and doing some fighting! Today was a busy day for Tacos I have to say!

Waddle on,

Justin1901 (Tacos 3rd In Command)


9 Responses

  1. Today was a busy day don’t you think?

  2. Yes it was..

  3. Justin, did you update the medals? If you did, a few of us still need 6 from the PB that GW didnt show up at. Thx.
    Justin1901 Response: I already updated the medals.

  4. Omg that was so fun! 😀 -Pighorsecow(Proud Taco Head Colonel)

  5. hwy i didnt go cause i didnt know

  6. does this xcount for promotions cause it wasnt secduled so should it count

  7. nice job =D

  8. too bad i dont have time to come to many thing anymore

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